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Coffee with Kev (#coffeewithkev)

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Why do you do it? I have a hypothesis. I think we (humans in general) have many more similarities than differences. I think we generally desire the best for each other. “Coffee with Kev” is a way to test this hypothesis. “Coffee's” offer an opportunity to see and share the humanity in all of us.

It has little to do with the contents of the cup.

How does it work? 

Pretty simple. We meet for a beverage, food, or any other combination of the two. We share stories judgement free, pressure free, and part ways knowing each other more fully than when we sat down. At your discretion, we document the “coffee” with a pic, and then I brag about how awesome you are on social media. 

How did it start? 
In January 2018, at the prompt of a colleague, I made a goal to have coffee with one hundred people and document the experience with a pic (because…it doesn’t happen unless there’s a pic right?). Two months later, I was sitting down for my fiftieth coffee of the year. Through this experience, I realized there is a general desire in people to sit down and engage. An excuse is all we need. 


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